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New York leads the way in our Tech City index

The Big Apple has emerged as the premier Tech City in this year’s index, overtaking San Francisco

Access to a deep talent pool and the city’s reputation as a global centre of commerce makes New York the global leader. Home to several world-renowned universities, a business-focused culture and global links, New York stands out with its ability to attract world-class talent as a key determinator. VC investment volumes have topped those of San Francisco for the last three years.

A centre of commerce with a deep talent pool and global links means that New York is an attractive base for both start-ups and multinationals alike

Savills World Research

London ranks third. Performing especially well on our ‘buzz and wellness’ and mobility sub-metrics (see Why mobility matters), the UK capital remains the dominant tech hub in Europe, with three times more VC investment recorded in 2018 than the nearest European rival for VC investment, Paris.

Amsterdam is hot on its heels, rivalling London’s position as the global gateway to Europe. This vibrant global hub benefits from a skilled, English-speaking workforce and scores well across all categories.

Figure 1

Figure 1 | The Tech Cities global rankings
Source: Savills World Research

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